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Luxury in the heart of the city

Lamar Interiors, a small boutique in the heart of Kuwait City, located in one of the busiest areas in the city, Ali Al Salem Street. Founded in 2013, Lamar provides homes with luxury that has been absent in Kuwait.

Furniture that has been designed exquisitely from master craftsmen worldwide whether it's from Italy, UK or even Brazil, all of which are housed under one roof, Lamar. This boutique houses the most luxurious of brands, with furniture tailored to your taste; the freedom to choose numerous colors of wood, fabrics and glass for products specially made for your house.

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Every home has their own characteristics, we at Lamar interiors hope to match your qualities with our furniture and create a timeless lifestyle for your home.


Lamar Interiors thrives to be the main source of Luxury Interior furnishings in Kuwait and the Middle East. Importing only the highest quality of furnishings for all our customers.


What we do

At Lamar we specialize in importing luxury furniture from world class designers; products that are ready to be specially designed to meet your needs and requirements.

Our highly specialized team are able to provide you with custom furniture layouts as well as moodboards to compliment your layout before your final order.

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